Hostel Eden Leipzig

Eden Hostel & Garden

Welcome to the Hostel & Garten Eden Leipzig!

Our Art-Hostel invites you and guests from all over the world to the beautiful West of Leipzig. Each of our guest rooms is designed by a different local artist and the Hostel opens on to a spacious garden which is cultivated by us. We are a great destination whether you are keen to make charming discovery tours, relax in our green garden, or experience the lively variety of music, art, and culture of Leipzig. Hostel & Garten Eden is the perfect choice for your stay in Leipzig.

We are only a 15 minute tram ride from the Leipzig City Center. Our Hostel is in Lindenau and within easy walking distance of Plagwitz and many West Leipzig visitor attractions. The Hostel is located in a former GDR lowrise building that was built in the 1950s as a residential dormitory for apprentises. The building was vacant for nearly 20 years before becoming home to our Art-Hostel for travelers. With the help of friends and artists, we devoted attention to the creative details and opened the Hostel & Garten Eden in 2015.

Come visit! We would love to help you arrange your stay. We are here to introduce you to Leipzig and help you discover our art, theater, music, restaurants, historic sights, museums, festivals and events.

We wish you a wonderful trip and the best possible travel adventures. We look forward to meeting you!

Gabriela, Jule, Thea und Eva

Opening hours:
Reception is open from 9:00 to 21:00
Check-in times: 15:00 to 21:00*
Check-Out: by 12:00*

* different times only by agreement

  • Service:
  • free WiFi
  • shared and private bathrooms
  • shared kitchen
  • big garden
  • big common area
  • usually easy parking near the hostel
  • for groups with at least 12 persons there is the option to book breakfast with us (6€/person)
  • bicycles for rent
  • bed linen for 2,50€
  • laundry and dryer available

Also good to know:
The Hostel & Garten Eden has space for 53 persons.
The rooms vary from single bed rooms to 8-bed-dormitories.
Pets only after agreement and deposit.
For groups of 6 males and more we take a deposit.

Our rooms

Hostel Eden Leipzig Zimmer

La famiglia (4-bed room)

Artists: Rainer Müller, Ines Johansen, Daniel Brain

More information

The spacious 4-bed-room is a conglomerate of ideas and inspiration of different artists and craftsmen. The wall painting was done by the Dresden Artist Rainer Müller. His work originates from a post card discovery and was brought to the wall. The beds were built with old doors of the Capa House in Lindenau (the place where the famous picture “Last man to die” of Robert Capa was taken) and with the help of the designer Ines Johansen and the carpenter Daniel Braun.

private room starting at 72€

Hostel Eden Leipzig Zimmer

Gerlinde (3-bed room with private bathroom)

double bed, single bed, attached bathroom

Artist: Gerlinde Meyer

More information

The colourful 3-bed room with its private bathroom stands out especially because of its wall painting. The illustrator Gerlinde Meyer starts from geometric patterns on wall tiles which float about the room.

private room starting at 70€

Hostel Eden Leipzig Zimmer

Spieltrieb (6-bed dormitory/mixed)

Artists: Martin Hühne and Suzana Brborović

More information

The Spieltrieb room from Martin Hühne and Suzana Brborović invites associations with tree houses and playgrounds. The placement of beds and overall design provide privacy even though it is a dormitory. Suzana adds further coziness and artisanship through her Makrame - an ancient art of knotting from the orient. This room features a big Makrame-swing in the middle of the room.

dormitory; prices start at 15€/bed

Hostel Eden Leipzig Zimmer

Girls' Dorm (6-bed dormitory/girls only)

Artists: Fränze Hoppe and Marte Weiser

More information

The girls’ dormitory is a collaboration of the Leipzig artists Marte Weiser and Fränze Hoppe. The artist duo carpentered the exactly fitting futuristic but spacious beds in the room. The layout of the beds, design, and decor invite many different associations from Japanese pods to Spacecraft. The bright and friendly room is facing south to the garden of the Hostel.

dormitory; prices start at 15€/bed

Hostel Eden Leipzig Zimmer

Ricaletto (Doppelzimmer)

Artist: Ricaletto

More information

The cozy and funky double room features with Ricaletto's wall painting of street scenes from our likable hood of Lindenau.

private room starting at 46€

Hostel Eden Leipzig Zimmer

Baustelle (6-bed dormitory/mixed)

Artists: For further information, please contact our staff

More information

The 6-bed dormitory was designed by different artists. There is converted scaffolding now serving as bedframes. There are playful mosaic constructions on the walls. The design elements are from streetside renovation sites which lead to new and surprising room structures.

dormitory; prices start at 15€/bed

Hostel Eden Leipzig Zimmer

Mackintosh (2-bed room)

Artists: MiezWars and Ernst&Jung

More information

The two bed room is a collaboration of the carpenter duo Ernst&Jung and the Leipzig artist MiezWars. The carpentered furniture is inspired by the Scottish designer and architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh. With the graphics on the wardrobe and lamp, the room gets its own aesthetic hand writing. The room faces south to the garden of the Hostel. Because of a slightly bigger mattress (120cm), the room can also be an option for couples.

private room starting at 46€

Hostel Eden Leipzig Zimmer

Platte West (2-bed room)

Artists: Catharina Zopf and Marius Koch

More information

The two bed room with view to the garden is on the sunny side of the building. The room has a special concrete aesthetic in its furniture and a wall painting which is inspired by industrialized apartment blocks. The prospective architects Marius Koch and Catharina Zopf designed this.

private room starting at 46€

Hostel Eden Leipzig Zimmer

Sabine (8-bed dormitory/mixed)

Artist: Sabine Fischer

More information

The 8-bed dormitory was designed and built by the artist Sabine Fischer. The room features a quaint arrangement of beds, tables and storage places. You find numerous geometrical design elements in the room. The room is warm and cozy because of its wooden materials. The artist lives and works in Leipzig.

dormitory; prices start at 14€/bed

Hostel Eden Leipzig Zimmer

Rahel (8-bed dormitory/mixed)

Artist: Rahel Zaugg

More information

The room is named after the artist Rahel Zaugg. The beds are made out of original warehouse shelves. The warehouse topic draws through the whole design of the room. Rahel found originel solutions for the lamps and wardrobe and created private space even in an 8-bed-dormitory.

Rahel lives and works as an artist in Leipzig.

dormitory; prices start at 14€/bed

Hostel Eden Leipzig Zimmer

Nr. 8 (double room)

Artists: Carina Brandes and Özlem Sakalsiz

More information

The minimalistic, bright and clean room was realized by the photographer Carina Brandes and the artist Özlem Sakalsiz. The room evokes a gallery design with the main art work as the bed cover which shows both artists.

private room starting at 46€

Hostel Eden Leipzig Zimmer

The Void (double room with attached bathroom)

Artist: Fabian Polinski

More information

The double room “The Void” is one of the two rooms with its own bathroom. Atmospheric light and the dominant painting of Pablo Ameringo (which shows an Ayahuasca ceremony) give the room a psychedelic note. The small room arouses associations with different cultures.

While the room itself has a mystic atmosphere, the big bathroom is the fitting counterpart with its bright and pastel colors. Fabian Polinski studied on the Bauhaus university in Weimar Visual communications.

He is currently working in set design and film.

private room starting at 52€

Hostel Eden Leipzig Zimmer

Katze (2-bed room)

Artists: Eigenform and Elstertainment

More information

This room was designed and made by the product design company Eigenform and the illustrators of Elstertainment. The beds sit in an oversized cat tree. The lamps are like balls of wool and little tree branches around the bed give the room a playful charm. The intention of the designer is to see the world and the room through the eyes of a cat.

private room starting at 46€

Common area


The Hostel & Garten Eden is located in the west of Leipzig, in Lindenau. The hostel is not far away from the popular Karl-Heine-Straße, which is known as the entertainment mile in the so-called “West-kultur”. You can find close by small cafes, bars, snack shops, vintage shops, restaurants and galleries – all in a walking distance.

Especially noteworthy is the old cotton factory “Spinnerei”, which is home to many known galleries, art studios and special events. On sunny days you can walk along the canal and discover beautiful spots. By water, you can also explore the canals by kayak, canoe, or motor boat tour.

The city center is reachable by tram in 15 minutes or even better by bicycle in 15 to 20 minutes. If you like to walk, you should plan more like an hour.


By car
Coming from the highway A9: Take the exit "Leipzig-West" and follow the main road until you have passed the petrol station "ARAL" on your right. The third street after the petrol station is Demmeringstraße. Now turn right and you'll see the hostel after about 200 m on the left-hand side.

Coming from the city centre: Follow the signs to the highway A9 from the central station and you will come to the "Jahnallee". After the bridge, follow the main road which takes a turn to the left. Keep following this road until you get to "Merseburger Straße". Here you have to turn right. At the next crossing turn left into "Demmeringstraße" and here you'll find the hostel after about 200m.

By tram
Take the tram number 15 (direction Miltitz) and get off at the tram station Lützner-/Merseburger Straße. Keep straight on and then turn right into the second street "Cranachstraße". Take the next street on the left and you'll find our hostel after about 200m.

Alternative way: Take the tram number 7 (direction Böhlitz Ehrenberg) and get off at the tram station "Lindenauer Markt". Follow the tram rails for about 50m and they'll lead you directly into "Demmeringstraße". After 10 minutes you'll reach Demmeringstraße 57 – our hostel.

By suburban train
Take line S1 to station "Lindenau". Take the exit to the city centre and you'll be entering "Demmeringstraße" directly. After about 300m you'll see our hostel on the right side of the street. (Note that suburban trains only run every half hour and not very late at night, so the tram is usually faster!)



Eden Hostel & Garden
Demmeringstraße 57
04177 Leipzig

Tel.: +49 (0)1522 5181544

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Hostel & Garten Eden GbR
Demmeringstraße 57,
04177 Leipzig

Gabriela Jonas,
Juliane Zumpe

Tel.: +49 (0)1522 5181544

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Eden Hostel & Garden

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